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about Color Trends Professional Painters


“Desi knew what I wanted and he respected my choices. I’ve never had a painter do the kind of preparation Desi does. It was an eye-opener for me. They made my old walls look brand new. They look like new drywall.”

Joanne Barna

"I heard how good this young kid was, so I tried him out on my house first after getting a recommendation from the paint store,” White says. “He did a great job and won me over immediately. He has been doing great work for us ever since."

Trevor White,
Floyd White Builders in Fredericton

“If I ever had a problem with Desi, I know he’d fix it, but it hasn’t come to that in the three years he’s worked for us. I can tell in the first five minutes after meeting the client who I’m going to send to the job. Desi is reserved for the higher class customer who demands top- end work. Only Desi delivers what they expect.”

John Cliff
Capital Region Restorations